Empathy for Startups

Having worked in and dealt with Startups we know that Time and Money is at premium and its always Do or Die situation for them. Our Talent Hiring and Execution model is geared to meet exactly those challenges. Our Engineering Team stays involved in your projects at ground level continuously, be it requirement phase, design, coding, testing or whatever it takes to make a 100% quality deliverables. We believe our success is in seeing you successful.

Talent Management

We hire engineers with solid technical background who understand the culture of startup companies and the seriousness of it. Apart from enjoying highly challenging assignments our team understands being partner to any startup company is like being in and ready to do whatever it takes to make you successful. We understand the value of diverse skill set, aptitude and maturity required to take a product from concept to reality. We pay handsomely for bright talent as we believe that if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. In Hiring process core programming/CS fundamentals are never compromised.

Recruitment sources

  • We are from Pune, so well connected with . We know fertile grounds in Pune for hiring (e.g. Pune Coffee Meet, Tech Meetups)
  • Well connected with top colleges as visiting faculty/guest speaker and as judge of various engineering competitions. Hence while hiring freshers, we have direct communication channel with talent pool over there.