Storage Technologies

NVMe, FC, FCoE, iSCSI, Block Storage Virtualization/De-duplication/Replication

Networking Technologies

TCP/IP protocol suite(TCP/IP, DNS, ARP, ICMP, IPv6, ND), VoIP, 10G CNA (=>VxLan/GRE, SRIOV, NPAR, DCBX, NCSI etc)

HPC Technologies

RDMA capable protocol suite (ROCE V1, V2, iWARP), RDMA Applications (iSER, Microsoft equivalent of SAMBA)

Cloud Enabler Technologies

Kubernetes, Containers, Dockers, Openshift


Embedded Development (Offlload, SoC etc), Device Drivers, Application Programming

QA Automation

Scripting(Phython, Go, Perl, Awk, Shell), QA Framework, Continuous Integration(Jenkins)

Engagement Models

Subsidiary Formation

Suited for Startups that want to form their subsidiary in India

Subsidiary Incubation

Suited for Start-ups that are evaluating possibility of starting operations in India

Project Outsourcing

Suited for Generic Product Engineering Outsourcing


“To be strategic and trusted partner to cool Startups by providing them a Cost Effective, High Quality,
No Bullshit, No Nonsense, Transparent, Trustworthy model for offshore development”